Mar 4, 2024

TD Garden Announces Anna Dugan as Inaugural TD Garden House Artist

Boston, MA, March 4, 2024 — TD Garden, in collaboration with TD Bank, today announced Anna Dugan as the inaugural TD Garden House Artist, a program that commissions local artists from underrepresented communities within New England to create transformative art in and around the arena.

Launched in January 2023 alongside the historic extension of TD Garden's naming rights through 2045, the TD Garden House Artist is made possible by the more than $15 million TD Bank committed in new community programming to make the arts more accessible and inclusive through the "Access the Arts" initiative. The initiative also includes the "TD Guest List, which provides complimentary tickets to TD Garden experiences each year to a nominated individual or group from an underserved or underrepresented community.

"TD Bank is honored to join TD Garden in celebrating Anna's incredible talent as we work together to ensure everyone has access to the arts," said Sheryl McQuade, Regional President, New England Metro at TD Bank. "TD believes that art has the power to impact all of us, allowing our communities to express themselves through both our shared experiences and our unique diversity."

Anna Dugan is a Salem-based, Filipino American muralist renowned for her vibrant and inclusive artwork. With a portfolio spanning diverse mediums and locales, Dugan’s murals have captivated audiences across Massachusetts and beyond since 2017. Her belief in the transformative power of public art to foster connection and belonging deeply resonates with the ethos of the TD Garden House Artist program.

"Anna Dugan's work embodies the inclusive and joyful spirit that TD Garden aims to cultivate," said Glen Thornborough, president of TD Garden. "Her bold use of color, compelling storytelling, and unique perspective truly transforms the arena's entrance, enhancing the sense of community and belonging we strive to foster. We extend our gratitude to TD Bank for their ongoing partnership and bringing such transformative art within our walls through the House Artist Program."

Dugan’s mural, titled "Celebration of Belonging," serves as a visual ode to the concept of home, transcending geographical boundaries to evoke a sense of unity and camaraderie. Inspired by the theme "Our Home," Dugan reimagines TD Garden as a symbol of togetherness, where shared experiences forge enduring connections among fans, performers and staff alike.

"Home is more than just a place — it's a feeling of belonging," said Dugan. "TD Garden holds a special place in the hearts of many, not just because of its physical location, but because of the memories and connections it fosters. Through my mural, I aimed to celebrate the diverse tapestry of individuals who contribute to making TD Garden the community hub it is."

"Celebration of Belonging" pays homage to both iconic figures and everyday heroes who have left an indelible mark on the TD Garden legacy. From sports legends like Larry Bird and Phil Esposito to the unsung heroes behind the scenes, Dugan’s mural celebrates the collective spirit that defines the arena's identity. The unveiling of Dugan's mural marks a new way for TD Garden to reaffirm its commitment to fostering inclusivity, creativity and community engagement. TD Garden will be releasing its 2025 TD Garden House Artist RFP in the spring. For more information about the TD Garden House Artist program, please visit